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Building a Sustainable Region

SO Sustainable is dedicated to those individuals desiring to become part of a unique and far-sighted project for Southern Oregon.  Our goal is to turn this region into a model of sustainability in almost every aspect of the local environment and economy. 

We have a dream and desire for sustainable and renewable practices to become vibrant in this region, and a significant part of our everyday lives. SO Sustainable is striving to promote, encourage and develop new avenues of growth and development in such life-sustaining areas as toxin-free, GMO-free food, clean, renewable energy generation, affordable, preventative, natural, holistic and alternative medical services, affordable higher-level education, and the protection of our precious environment.

We hope to be a significant driving force behind a new generation of individual, focused on these and other issues critical for a regional populous to become the best they can and thrive.  May we be of one mind in the southern Oregon region and stand-up together as a catalyst of change for the rest of the nation to stand-up and take notice.  If you share these desires and wish to stand with us, read on. 

Why Southern Oregon

Oregon has historically been a leader in developing new programs that forge the way into previously unchartered territories.  From environmental issues to the right-to-die when suffering from a terminal illness, the people of Oregon have shown significant progressive-foresight and a willingness to explore new paths. 

The Southern Oregon region is poised for tremendous growth over the next half century.  Quality of life, temperate weather, vast recreational wild lands, low crime rate and generally favorable living conditions, make this region one of the most desirable in the entire nation.  Understanding that growth can be both a good and bad thing, we are determined to help encourage the growth of this region takes place in a responsible and progressive manor. 

Today's Sustainability Momvement

The sustainability movement of today is not a fad, not some far-flung attempt by the hippies of the sixties and seventies to create some communal utopia haven.  Regular everyday people across this vast land are buying organic, shopping at farmers markets, using supplements to doctor themselves, installing solar panels and geothermal or wind generation and learning to fight for our country's environment health.

We are on the verge of a new frontier, an epitome transformation, an adventure into the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow.  


Healthcare for all


Solar Power for All